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I love it when you find that Ikea piece that looks way more expensive then it actually and blends in with the rest of your place seamlessly


This winter in SF I’ve been having a dryer scalp then usual, so this article had some useful tips!


Second Graders treated to a 7 course expensive meal – loved watching this and all of their honest reactions!


The real meanings behind expressions we still use today -

Oscars 2015

I love watching the oscars and never miss it every year. But let’s be honest, I basically love any awards show, that has a good red carpet! I’ll be watching the show and critiquing all the dresses from the safety of my couch and jims jams! There will be food involved of course, probably popcorn (it’s a food group in our house) and no boubt some form of comfort food.

Enjoy the show on Sunday!



A printable ballot for this years Oscars show

An Easy way to jazz up popcorn, perfect for Awards night

Links I’m Clicking On


52 places to visit in 2015 – some holiday inspiration for 2015 or the bucket list!


10 scientific ways to reduce stress – great little tips whether you feel stressed or not & a reminder that simple changes can have a surprisingly big impact!


I may be the only one on planet earth who isn’t listening to this podcast series, but this is about to change – can’t wait to start listening this weekend!

Wishlist Wednesday


I have always had a deep and abiding love for all things Audrey Hepburn. She was the reason why I fell in love with ballet flats, too many years ago to count and why I have always dreamed of owning a pair of Ferragamo’s one day!

Salvatore Ferragamo was one of the pioneers of fashion in Italy and his shoemaking genius saw him begin making shoes for hollywood stars for both on and off the set, in California from the 1920s. Besides making shoes for Audrey Hepburn he also designed shoes for Rita Hayworth, Sofia Loren, Ingrid Bergman, Ava Gardner, Katherine Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, and Bette Davis and many more.

So for this Wishlist Wednesday I have a perfect pair of Ferragamo flats in a pale pink, which will never, ever go out of style!


Ferragamo Varina Flat


Books On my Radar



I absolutely loved both of these books by the ‘Gone Girl’ author, Gillian Flynn. She has a writing style that sucks you in and although the storylines can be dark at times, you never want to put them down.


I decided to buy this book really quickly, (I’m usually on amazon for ages trying to pick my next book) and it was a great read. I picked it mainly because I’m interested in the time it was set and because my husband and I used to live in Amsterdam for 3 years and the book is set in The Netherlands. The book is about Corrie Ten Boom (and her family) a Dutch watchmaker who became a heroine of the Resistance, a survivor of Hitler’s concentration camps and went on inspiring others in over 60 countries with her story, her strength and her ability to forgive.

Non Resolution – 2015



I may be a few days late but I thought I’d write a quick little post about resolutions. Nowadays so many people seem to ‘poo poo’ on the making of New Years resolutions, but I don’t mind them. I mean, yes they can sometimes set us up for failure – like the ones were you say your going to lose 5 kgs by the end of Jan, or your going to quit your job and travel around the world by the year’s end. Resolutions though, can be made everyday and by their nature should be seen as positive ways to brighten and better our lives  (remember though that everyone has different ideas of what ‘better’ is, and that’s fine too).

What I thought I’d do here on the blog though is create a yearly list of Non Resolutions, things I’m happy with, changes I’ve made that I’m continuing to embrace, things that make me, me! Sure we should all strive to be better and to embrace change but sometimes the most important thing is to accept and love ourselves for who we are at this very moment and celebrate that person!


Here’s my little Non Resolution list:

  • Your sensitive by nature, ‘thin skin’ some say, but that sensitive side, whilst it has its draw backs, also makes you sensitive towards others and empathetic to their needs. Don’t feel the need to ‘toughen’ up too much, having thick skin has its own set of drawbacks.
  • Guess what, you exercise enough! You exercise regularly every week and stay committed to that year in and year out – Yay for you! Sure, try out new things but don’t doubt that the amount you do isn’t enough – it is.
  • You crave control and order and everything has it’s place, but you’ve been trying lately to be more present, rather than always bracing for what might come next. Keep this up, it’s good for you!

What would be on your Non Resolution list?