Create An Atmosphere

I absolutely love candles. They can create a warm, cozy and romantic atmosphere and can really help to set the tone at parties or a simple relaxing few hours on your own! Candles also make great gifts, perfect for this time of the years, when we’re going to parties, visiting friends or just wanting to make someone feel special!


Here are some of my favs:


Springs Eden Candle Tin


Voluspa Cut Glass Candle


Diptyque Candle

Jonathon-Adles-CandleJonathon Adler Candle


Royal Apothic Conservatory Collection Candle

Entertaining Time – Napkins!

Since we’re in that peak entertaining time of the year and with Thanksgiving literally just around the corner, I’ve been on the hunt for napkins that are fancier then a paper serviette but not so over the top that they cant be used throughout the year for other occasions. I also prefer to have a neutral looking dinner table, with mainly white dishes, serving trays etc and like to create my ‘festive’ look through the decorations in my house rather then on my table (so apologies if I haven’t picked any turkey emblazoned napkins haha)

Here are my holiday and beyond napkin picks:


Circlet Tile Napkins from West Elm


Rustic Napkins from Crate and Barrel


Border Stripe Napkins


Bon Appetit Napkin


Cheers Napkins from Anthropologie

My Comfy Reading Chair

We’ve been wanting an arm chair for our bedroom for a while now, but had held off as the ones we saw we’re either too ridiculously expensive or looked as if they would give you a stiff neck !

Then this weekend we went to Ikea for some coat hangers and outdoor plants (as you do) and ended up finding an arm-chair that was both comfy and added just enough colour to finish off our room. The chair isn’t overly ‘designery’ (if that’s not a word, it should be), we have one of those chairs in our living room, we wanted something that you just relaxed into, the moment you sat on it. A chair that you could sink into and spend a few hours reading or on the computer, a little nook that you could be in, even if the other person is trying to sleep.


Ikea soderhamn chair, comes in a few other colours as well.


Bringing My Balcony To Life


When we first bought and then eventually moved into our new place,we loved that we would have a balcony again. After spending months deciding on what chair, what rug etc, then having to bring all those said chairs, rugs etc back inside as construction work was still being done on condos above us – we’re finally able to really able to enjoy our little outdoor space!

Recently I bought 4 little Double Buckets from Paper Source, as I wanted to use them as planter boxes for some succulents. My father in law then drilled holes in the bottom of the buckets for water and my Mother in law helped me with the planting and the outcome was great! They look so good lined up on our little ledge against the glass wall of our balcony and we get to see them when sitting in the living room as well!

Double-Bucket-From-Paper-Source Double Bucket from Paper Source


Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.13.02 AM

Sheepskin Throw


A sheepskin throw is a great way of jazzing up a simple chair or too add some extra coziness to that chair that looks awesome but lacks in comfort. They are definitely having a ‘moment’ right now and I can see why – they add a warmth and homely feel to a space, whilst still remaining unassuming.

I bought this faux sheepskin throw to use on my office chair and it’s just perfect. I loved my chair to begin with, as it was simple and white with clean lines which allowed my little office space to not distract too much from the rest of the room, which is also our guest bedroom. It’s an added bonus that this throw was super cheap and looks just as good as some of the more expensive sheepskin versions!

I could also see one of these throws looking great in our bedroom over a chair in our little ‘reading nook’




Furnishing Our Balcony


We’ve finally chosen and ordered our furniture for the balcony and can’t wait to see it all set up next week. We went with the Alfresco Collection from Crate & Barrel as we liked its darker wood and simple lines.

Alfresco-Sofa-Crate-&-BarrelWe ordered a sofa bench with red cushion

Grey-Lounge-Chair-Crate-&-Barrel-Alfresco-CollectionA lounge chair


And a Side Table Stool - I love this little table because it’ll have so many uses – it can be used as a C-table as pictured, converted to a lower-height longer table or can even by used for extra seating.


We also ordered the Dyna Outdoor Rug in Grey. Which will work well with the grey look of the wood and will let the cushion be the pop of colour. Atticus will love lying on this rug too!

This setting will sit 4 people comfortably but doesn’t look and feel to chunky or huge for our space. As our balcony is quite thin but very long, the rug will help to define the area and we can look at creating another ‘space’ on the balcony later on. We definitely need some planter boxes next I think!

Oh, The Places You’ll Go


I’ve always loved the book Oh, the places you’ll go by Dr Seuss and how he addresses lifes ups and downs with his trademark verse and illustrations. The book also makes the perfect gift for anyone starting out on a new adventure, be it school, new job or that much anticipated holiday!


So it was a natural choice for me to order this print when I saw it! It will be perfect for my art wall in the office area of the second bedroom and will hopefully inspire many more adventures to come!

Organising Clutches


Since moving into our new home I’ve been trying to find new ways for storing and organising all my ‘things’. One little thing amongst all the other things, are my clutches. I usually lay them flat in a draw or shelf, but have realised that takes up so much space and you end up never really using them, as you don’t see them!

I like this simple idea of buying a letter organiser or clear lucite tray to use as my clutch holder. I can then put it on my chest of drawers as a display or on a shelf in my closet with my other larger bags, so they don’t get ‘lost’ and forgotten!




Desk Lamp


I’ve been searching for a table lamp that would work for our office desk in the 2nd bedroom. I really love this West Elm one, as it has enough height, the white works with the vibe of the room and the I love the gold details. The slim profile of this works well for the desk, as I want to keep the area clean, light and uncluttered. I also love this lamp because it doesn’t look too ‘officey’ and can be used my guests staying in the 2nd bedroom, when they may want more light at night or wish to use the desk for their own use.