Drugstore Finds


I loved reading this article about different Beauty Editors and their favourite drug store buys. When I first moved to San Francisco one of my favourite things to do was to peruse the aisles of Walgreens & CVS. I couldn’t believe the range and great prices and even now I still buy my face cleanser, nail polish, body moisturiser and so much more, from drugstores!


Here are some of my fav current drug store finds:


I have really sensitive skin & this cleanser is so gentle but get the job done!

Curave-Moisturizing-LotionEven though this is the same brand as my face cleanser, I only recently started using this as my body moiturizer after having some skin irritations and was recommended by my dermatologist to give it a try.. It was hard to give up all my ‘sweet smelling’ ones, but this really calms my skin while leaving it


I fell in love with these from the moment I tried them. The colours look vibrant but are actually soft when applied due to their ‘balmy’ nature. the fact that they’re SPF 20 and come in lots of cloours doesn’t hurt either!


Essie is one of my favourite nail polish brands (along with Opi) and they both can be found drugstores – in a rainbow of colours.

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