Meal In A Bowl Ideas


I love eating out of a bowl, might sound like a weird thing to love, but I do, pretty much every single meal I have at home, I have in a bowl (not my husband though, he’s a plate man!). I don’t really know why I’m so enamored with eating out of a bowl, but maybe it’s partly because I love how everything mixes so well in a bowl and how it sort of feels almost comforting to out of one, either way I’m a ‘bowl girl’ for life! Plus I guess the things I love to eat are pretty conducive to bowl eating, like stir fries, soup, salads etc

So anyway when I saw theses ideas for salads and lunch bowls , I just had to share them. Easy to make, you can add/delete ingredients to your taste and they can be as healthy or as indulgent as you like! Some ideas to mix up your weekly lunch/dinner rotations!

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