My Comfy Reading Chair

We’ve been wanting an arm chair for our bedroom for a while now, but had held off as the ones we saw we’re either too ridiculously expensive or looked as if they would give you a stiff neck !

Then this weekend we went to Ikea for some coat hangers and outdoor plants (as you do) and ended up finding an arm-chair that was both comfy and added just enough colour to finish off our room. The chair isn’t overly ‘designery’ (if that’s not a word, it should be), we have one of those chairs in our living room, we wanted something that you just relaxed into, the moment you sat on it. A chair that you could sink into and spend a few hours reading or on the computer, a little nook that you could be in, even if the other person is trying to sleep.


Ikea soderhamn chair, comes in a few other colours as well.


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