Bringing My Balcony To Life


When we first bought and then eventually moved into our new place,we loved that we would have a balcony again. After spending months deciding on what chair, what rug etc, then having to bring all those said chairs, rugs etc back inside as construction work was still being done on condos above us – we’re finally able to really able to enjoy our little outdoor space!

Recently I bought 4 little Double Buckets from Paper Source, as I wanted to use them as planter boxes for some succulents. My father in law then drilled holes in the bottom of the buckets for water and my Mother in law helped me with the planting and the outcome was great! They look so good lined up on our little ledge against the glass wall of our balcony and we get to see them when sitting in the living room as well!

Double-Bucket-From-Paper-Source Double Bucket from Paper Source


Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.13.02 AM

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