Furnishing Our Balcony


We’ve finally chosen and ordered our furniture for the balcony and can’t wait to see it all set up next week. We went with the Alfresco Collection from Crate & Barrel as we liked its darker wood and simple lines.

Alfresco-Sofa-Crate-&-BarrelWe ordered a sofa bench with red cushion

Grey-Lounge-Chair-Crate-&-Barrel-Alfresco-CollectionA lounge chair


And a Side Table Stool - I love this little table because it’ll have so many uses – it can be used as a C-table as pictured, converted to a lower-height longer table or can even by used for extra seating.


We also ordered the Dyna Outdoor Rug in Grey. Which will work well with the grey look of the wood and will let the cushion be the pop of colour. Atticus will love lying on this rug too!

This setting will sit 4 people comfortably but doesn’t look and feel to chunky or huge for our space. As our balcony is quite thin but very long, the rug will help to define the area and we can look at creating another ‘space’ on the balcony later on. We definitely need some planter boxes next I think!

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