Organising Clutches


Since moving into our new home I’ve been trying to find new ways for storing and organising all my ‘things’. One little thing amongst all the other things, are my clutches. I usually lay them flat in a draw or shelf, but have realised that takes up so much space and you end up never really using them, as you don’t see them!

I like this simple idea of buying a letter organiser or clear lucite tray┬áto use as my clutch holder. I can then put it on my chest of drawers as a display or on a shelf in my closet with my other larger bags, so they don’t get ‘lost’ and forgotten!




4 thoughts on “Organising Clutches

  1. This is such a cute idea…I’m definitely going to have to pick up a letter organizer. I wonder if they have any at the Dollar Tree, guess a visit is in order. :)

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