Dry Body Brushing

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I still thank my Mum for buying that body brush all those years ago, which I conveniently ‘borrowed’ on one of my visits back home (my overdue fees are going to be huge!)  I use it every night before I have a bath or shower and it’s amazing how great your skin feels!

Now this is no body brush that you use in the show, you have to do this before, on dry skin and it might feel kind of ‘harsh ‘ on the skin at first, if you’ve never done it before, but you’ll soon love it as it makes your skin feel more ‘alive’. Body brushing is great for getting rid of dead skin cells as well as improving circulation, lymphatic drainage and skin appearance. So it’s not only greta for improving how the skin looks but also our internal health as well!

I realized about 6 months ago that there is a certain way that you should body brush to get the best results for lymphatic drainage etc and once you have it down pat your done in mere minutes. Here’s the video I watched a few times to understand the correct way to direct your brush strokes.

Amazon & most pharmacies or drugstores sell dry brushes now. Make sure it has firm bristles and a decent enough handle and you should be set!

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